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whaaaaa I misss the old school days nung mga elementary pah lang akoh tapoz mahilig pah mag sabong si pa2... minsan tumataya pah nga akoh eh... hahahaha :)


That smile looks so out of place with the bloody rooster in his hands. The guy looks pretty evil here. Great capture.


Just like Lizza, i wonder if the roosters are given a dose of anesthesia during operation. I was able to watch a live cockfight when I was young. My cousins brought me along to a cockfight somewhere in Zambales. I didn't enjoy it because I've always been an animal lover since I was young. I feel so sorry for those poor roosters. I guess it's a tradition that might be very difficult to put a stop to.

Anyway, those pictures were very well taken.

Jide Alakija

Hmmm....that looks rather eewww!

Good work Sidney.

Dave Mac

Amazing...truly amazing.

Ashish Sidapara

Sad but true, lovely series all along!


poor rooster:-( what a contrast from his happy smile. great capture"-)


I agree with those above, I am appreciating the sport more after seeing your photos in sequence. Wow, how powerful pictures can be!


looks like he really enjoy :)

after the fight chickenjoy recipe ;) or adobo or arrozcaldo or tinola supper...


ah, the final close up to make the point that life is just the way it is and if we never see it, we would not know; in other words, I am always learning at your site Sidney


amazing and disgusting in equal measure. he must have won big to have such a smile yet have such a badly wounded bird.


The Filipino version of the bullfight. Poor animals... domesticated to be wild.

The Queer Chef led me to your sari sari store. :)

Ashwathy Nair

Photo of contradictions!
His smile is such a contrast to what he is holding....



Toxic Lens

The happy winner... Great photo.


is he a vet also?


what a contrast - a slain rooster and a smiling man . Well done Sidney .... you always do.


just caught up on this series, disturbing and fascinating


Tena koe ehoa
It's a shame but I only see the delight of winning cash on the face of this cock owner.
While the bird hangs blood seeping from it's lacerations the only thought seems to be greed.


This is a 1st, only 1 image from you (halleluja), I can really comment. LOL

I don't like the sport but I like the contradiction in this shot. The chicken all bloodied and probably dead, defeated, the man happy and smiling. It sometimes can be a cruel world.

Have a look at he put up a picture on cockfighting to.



cock doctor: haha.
What a job.
I agree with the fact that you are a good reporter, in the positive sense, of course.

Gérard Méry

Triste fin prévisible !

19 Seconds Of Spring

You've definetely captured the moment here... very expressive!


Interesting questions Ces. What does happen to the winner Sidney? To live so as to fight another day? That would definitely be ironical!

Al Bjørnstad

Poor thing.

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